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Another candidate declares presidential bid for 2018

Penn Muluh George ©All rights reserved

Professor Penn Muluh George, head of the Cameroon National Democratic Party, CNDP, has declared his plans to challenge President Biya in the 2018 presidential election.

He is the second candidate making the declaration after Jean Blaise Gwet, of the Patriotic Movement for Change in Cameroon.

Explaining the reasons behind his decision, Prof. Muluh said he wants to ameliorate Cameroon’s declining economy. He said, Cameroon has not registered a two digit economic growth for years.  “We have been hanging around 5-6 percent growth rate and this is a shame. Political and social growth depends on a vibrant economy and you cannot escape from that. That is where my party places her finger; to drag Cameroonians from this quagmire to a prosperous rich economy flowing with milk and honey,”

“As soon as I arrive at Etoudi unity palace, there will be my wristwatch, locked or controlled by satellite that shall be net-wireless to all state treasuries so that money which is paid into the state coffers automatically indicates the amount and he/she who carried out the transactions,” said the CNDP leader.

With these leakages sealed, Muluh said it will pave the way for him and his ministers to increase salaries, curb unemployment, provide health facilities to all, and many more.

Quizzed on how he would handle the Anglophone crisis, Muluh said he is worried because he hails from the Northwest Region, as such, he advised that President Biya should convene all political parties, civil society organisations and neutral personalities and dialogue with them.

“If a child is crying, you as a father must listen and solve the problem so that you can sleep comfortably, else as you continue to ignore this cry you will not catch a glimpse of sleep,” Muluh noted.

On his foreign policies, Muluh said he has travelled widely and that Cameroonians who will vote the CNDP candidate for presidency will not regret because all frozen diplomatic relations shall be strengthened, and Cameroonians as well as foreigners would operate businesses in Cameroon with ease.


Published on 28.04.2020

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