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Another dusk to dawn curfew imposed on Cameroon’s restive NW region

Bamenda Commercial Avenue on a "ghost town" day ©BaretaNews

The Governor of the North West Region of Cameroon Adolphe Lele LAfrique has imposed another dusk to dawn curfew in the region beginning today.

In a communiqué signed by the Governor on Sunday, “movement of persons and property is…restricted from 6pm to 6am within the North West region till further notice.”

As a result of the curfew, movement of vehicles, persons and goods shall be strictly forbidden while all off licences, snack bars, snack bars and night clubs shall remain closed, the Governor said.

Motor parks shall remain closed and night travel suspended, Governor Lele LAfrique added in the communiqué while stressing the circulation of motorbikes will equally be banned.

Any person who violates or attempts to violate this measure shall be strictly prosecuted by the law while administrative authorities as well as forces of law and order have been tasked with implementing the law.

However, the curfew shall not be applied to administrative authorities, forces of law and order, persons and vehicles in possession of special authorizations to circulate and ambulances, the Governor said.

This is the latest curfew imposed on the region after a similar decision at the same period last year imposed to tackle secessionist threats at the approach of the 1st of Octber-which the separatists commemorate as independen day for their nation they call Ambazonia.

The curfew was later brought from 9pm to 6am but the Governor has now reverted to the dusk to dawn measure following last night’s events in Akum.

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