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Another Government official kidnapped in Batibo

SDO for Momo looks on after vehicle of Kidnapped official was burnt down

The Regional Delegate for Social Affairs for the Northwest Region was over the weekend kidnapped by unknown gunmen in Batibo, authorities have confirmed.

Animbom Aaron Akiabom was abducted in Batibo while returning from a funeral in the locality, the Senior Divisional Officer for the Momo Division Absalom Monono said.

« We are seriously on the ground searching and we will intensify search operations begining today. It is almost two weeks since the Divisional Officer for Batibo was kidnapped and we are still searching » Absalom Monono told reporters on the site where the official was kidnapped, few metres from Ambo in Batibo.

The Regional Delegate’s car was burnt down by the gunmen while his driver was manhandled before finally being released.

This is the second abduction case in just over two weeks in Batibo after the Divisional Officer Marcel Namata Diteng was kidnapped on February 11 at the Batibo grand stand.

All attempts by security forces to rescue him have so far proved futile as the population still remains without news of his whereabouts.

Animbom Aaron Akiabom formally served as Regional Delegate of Social Affairs for the Southwest Region.

Published on 28.04.2020

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