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Appeal for Cameroon’s separatist leaders adjourned to November 1

Ayuk Tabe

The case against Cameroon’s separatist leaders has been postponed to November 1 by the Mfoundi Appeal court in Yaounde, sources have confirmed.

The ten leaders were expected to appear before a magistrate’s chamber on Thursday October  11 for a Habea Corpus appeal (appeal to unconditionally release them) but the case suffered another adjournment.

One of their lawyers who appeared in court on Thursday said the case was postponed partially because the government failed to produce the separatist leaders in court.

“We told the court that we can not go ahead with the matter without seeing the arrested persons,” Barrister Ndong Christopher, one of the lawyers of the separatist leaders said.

The lawyer revealed the case will now hold firmly on November 1 after the parties concerned at the Secretariat for Gendarmerie where the leaders are detained took the committment to bring them in court.

The lawyers took the case to the Appeal Court after the Mfoundi High Court dismissed a motion filed by the lawyers for the immediate release of their clients whom they say are arbitrarily detained.

Julius Ayuk Tabe and 37 others were arrested in January this year ain Nigeria and extradited to Cameroon where there have since been kept in a secret location.

“This (the arrest and extradtion) is a gross violation to international laws to which Cameroon is a signatory,”Barrister Ndong said.

Published on 03.01.2023

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