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Armed men attack police in Bamenda

A police patrol team was attacked on Thursday night in Mbengwi by armed men, the Senior Divisional Officer of the Mezam Division Songa Pierre Rene has revealed.

In a communiqué made public on Friday, the SDO said the assaillants carried out the attack at night around Mbengwi road at the entrance to Bamenda but did not however reveal any casualties suffered.

The act in addition to numerous attacks recorded in recent days is an attempt to spread fear and put in danger the peace and security of the population, the SDO said.

Songa Pierre Rene called on the population to go about their normal activities and denounce any suspicious persons they see in their environment.

Thursday’s attacks come after the miliary revealed it had dismantles a separatist hideout in Mbengwi while seizing several weapons and neutralising two separatists.

Published on 28.04.2020

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