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Armed robberies rife in Ethiopia’s restive Tigray

Wearing Ethiopian military uniforms, unidentified gunmen have been engaged in armed robbery and murder in Tigray, an official of the region’s interim administration has said.“The armed robbers have disguised themselves as members of the Ethiopian Defense Force committed the robbery and murder against members of the interim administration, Security Head of the regional capital Gebreegziabhier Hailu told local media on Saturday.

That way they will get access to residential homes and loot valuables including cash and jewelry, the security head said.

Information reaching APA’s correspondent in Addis Ababa from residents in different parts of Mekelle city, claimed that Ethiopian Defense Force and Federal Police uniforms were used for robberies. 

Hailu also told the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) that they have made arrests of those people who were engaged in armed robbery without specifying their number.

 “The security situation has improved but there are still challenges,” he added. 

He said that the provisional administration is facing challenges to fully control the security challenge in the city. 

Shortage of regular police and lack of adequate vehicles for a 24 hours patrol service are some of them, he said. 

As part of the measure to tackle the security problem, the security head said that they have recruited youth from the capital and provided them with community police training. 

Five high level police officers who defected from the interim administration joined the outlawed Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).


Published on 10.02.2021

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