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Armed robbers raid Kumba Market, kill one

A group of hoodlums Saturday, June 2, 2018, raided the Kumba Main Market, killing a motor spare parts dealer in the process.

According to eye witness account, the gunmen stormed the man’s shop at about 4.00pm, pretending to buy some motorcycle spare parts. When the dealer brought the spare parts that the hoodlums demanded for, the armed robbers said they will pay only half of the money he was charging them for the parts, while the remaining half will be considered as his own contribution to the restoration efforts of the former West Cameroon.

When the spare part dealers refused to be drawn into such an arrangement, he was simply shot.

After the shooting of the motor spare part dealer, traders at the market reportedly went wild and started chasing down the hoodlums. But the population in the market was too scared to hunt down the hoodlums given that they were heavily armed.

The robbers, with the help of a biker, succeeded to escape before the elements of the forces of law and order could arrive at the scene of the incident .

When the police arrived the scene of the incident, they ordered for the motor spare part dealer to be rushed to the hospital. The victim was then ferried to the Kumba District Hospital, where he was confirmed dead by medics. News of the demise of the victims forced hundreds of traders in the Kumba Main Market to close down their businesses and went home, urging the security officers to step up efforts in securing people and their property.

Meanwhile, hoodlums have hijacked the current socio-political upheavals in the North West and South West Regions and are using the stalemate to wreck havoc on the population.  Many Anglophones are praying Government to engage in meaningful dialogue so that the incessant killings can be stopped as the population will be able to identify the miscreants that have stealing and killing under the guise of Ambazonia Defence Forces.

Published on 28.04.2020

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