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Arrested striking teachers interrogated by Police

At least fifty striking teachers arrested on Tuesday for protesting in the streets of Yaounde were on Thursday interrogated by the police, a representative for the teachers Maxime Jong has said.

According to a release signed by Maxime Jongp, a representative of Akere Muna’s Now Movement, 50 of the lawyers had their statements recorded on Thursday March 1 with the assistance of Barrister Bindzi.

An additional six of them will be interrogated on Friday March 2, according to the lawyers.

The teachers were arrested on Wednesday for protesting in the streets of Yaounde for protesting against the non payment of their salaries for up to five years.

Most of the teachers arrested have now spent more than 48 hours behind bars without any charge contrary to Cameroon’s criminal procedure code.

The arrests have prompted reactions from several political parties and opposition figures who have called for the immediate release of the teachers.

CPP leader Edith Kah Walla on Thursday condemned the arrests and called for the immediate release of the teachers while Akere Muna through his now movement has also condemned the arrests as a gross violation of their rights.

Published on 28.04.2020

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