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At least 117 CAR soldiers flee to Cameroon following repeated rebel attacks

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Over one hundred Central African soldiers have found refuge in Cameroon’s East region as conflict between Government forces and rebels worsens in most parts of their country.

According to military authorities in the East region where the soldiers arrived last December 23 with their equipment, the latter have been disarmed and taken to a safe location where they are taken care of.

Apart from these soldiers, BBC reports that at least 1,600 Central African civilians have crossed over to Cameroon to flee from renewed violence Government forces and rebel militias in most parts of the country.

The security situation in CAR worsened after the Constitutional Council rejected the candidacy of former President Francois Bozize for the December 27 Election.

Rebel groups took back weapons to hinder the Presidential and Legislative elections from taking place.

Notwithstanding the precarious security situation, the elections went on smoothly with a huge turnout in some cities including capital Bangui.

Published on 30.06.2022

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