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Atanga Nji accuses International NGOs of fueling terrorism in Cameroon

Atanga Nji

The Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji has hit out at some local and International Non Governmental Organisations for fueling the atrocities committed by separatists fighters in the North West and South West Regions.

During a press conference in Yaounde on Monday March 9, Paul Atanga Nji said these NGOs and associations have revealed themselves to the public as enemies of Cameroon by propagating false information on the management of the crisis by the government.

Citing some of the NGOs, Paul Atanga Nji said they have received over FCFA 5 billion from dubious networks within and out of the country to detabilise state institutions, publish fake information to show that Cameroon is not managing internally displaced persons properly and show through fake reports that the army is carrying out acts against the civilian population.

“The government of Cameroon vehemently condemns this irresponsible behaviour of teleguided NGOs, who deliberately minimise the numerous atrocities committed by terrorists in the North West and South West Regions,” Paul Atanga Nji said.

“Amongst the teleguided NGOs paid to tarnish the image of Cameroon, publish fake reports against the National Defence Forces, the Minister of Territorial Administration can cite ‘Human Rights Watch’, ‘Amnesty International’, ‘International Crisis Group’, OCHA, REDHAC and others,” he added.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji said all these are unacceptable and sounded the alarm bell calling on these NGOs to readjust before it becomes too late.

Despite the fatherly call by the Head of State for all armed separatists and terrorists who are still in the bushes to drop their weapons and integrate the DDR Centres, some have continued to commit atrocities, Paul Atanga Nji said.

He went further to outline the atrocities committed by these separatist fighters notably, the killing of over 300 soldiers, raping of over 280 young girls below the 14, maiming and killing teachers and students who violate school boycott calls amongst others.

However, in the face of all these atrocities, these international organisations have decided to remain mute but always quick to jump and produce fake reports to tarnish the image of Cameroon’s Defence Forces, Paul Atanga Nji lamented.

For things to return to order, the MINAT boss said all the NGOs have to comply with the laws of the land and submit the report of their activities within the next sixty days.

He also used the opportunity to call out some local media organs which he accused of propagating separatist propaganda.

He warned Cameroon does not need another situation of the Radio Mille Colline (in Rwanda) adding it is not the role of the media to add salt to injury. He urged media practitioners to verify information properly before publication.

Published on 10.02.2021

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