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AU revises Migration Policy Framework for Africa

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The African Union has finalized revising the Migration Policy Framework for Africa and formulating its ten-year implementation plan to improve migration governance, Commissioner for Social Affairs Amira Al Fadil said.During a press conference she gave Sunday, Al Fadil said that the multi-faceted challenge of irregular migration within and outside the continent is a key problem that the AU is seized with.

AU is establishing a joint Labor Migration Program to improve migration governance on the continent and curtail the tide of irregular migration, Al Fadil said

The Migration Policy Framework for Africa, adopted by the Executive Council of the AU in 2006 articulates the AU’s overarching approach to migration.

It serves to provide the necessary guidelines and principals to assist governments and their regional economic communities in the formulation of their own national and regional migration policies.

According to the commissioner, about 70 to 80 percent of migration happens with in the continent.

“Our collective efforts in social development, political affairs, peace and security, rural economy and agriculture among others will create a conducive environment for inclusive economic growth and jobs for our young people to harness the demographic dividend”, she said.

Recent ILO’s report revealed there are an estimated 7.5 million West African migrants within West Africa compared to 1.2 million in North America and Europe combined.

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