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Authorities move to Clean Yaounde from Cameroon’s Waste

Cleaning Yaounde from its waste

Cameroon is striving to clean its littered capital Yaounde from waste after months of inactivity from the waste disposal company HYSACAM due to lack of finances.

To that effect, the coiuntry’s Minister of Housing and Urban Development was on an inspection tour to all the waste management and disposal sites owned by HYSACAM.

Jean Claude Mbwentchou and his delegation toured markets in Etoudi, Manguiers, Etoug- Ebe, Cité-verte, Mendong, Nsam, Nkoabang, Messassi and other neighbourhoods to assess the task at hand.

The city of Yaounde has been littered and  polluted for the past month after HYSACAM restricted its activities in the city due to financial differences with the state.

The state has reduced part of a FCFA5 billion debt owed the company in order to enable them resume full activity in town.

Though HYSACAM has resumed full activities, some problems are still witnessed on the field such inadequate bins which always lead to citizens disposing of the waste carelessly.

«The government delegate (to the Yaounde city council) alongside Hysacam will find solutions to this bin problem,” the Minister said while also lamenting the uncivic behaviour of persons who dispose of their waste carelessly.

“We can now breathe fresh air. Hysacam has returned to service and it is a good for us because we were exposed to diseases all day long from the odours that emanated from piles of waste,” a resident of Yaounde said.

Authorities in moving to clean kthe city of Yaounde at a time when a mission from the Confederation of African Football, Caf and experts from the Roland Berger auditing firm are in Yaounde to assess Cameroon’(s preparations to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.


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