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Ayah Paul alleges state conspiracy jailed him, narrates ordeal in prison

Ayah Paul Abine ©All rights reserved

“My life in the hands of the presidency, the government especially the minister of justice(Laurent Esso); Hon. Igelle Elias and company. But equally tell them that my god is mighty and never fails!”

I have held it back for months but I think the time has come for Cameroon and the world at large to know this.

Years after his election, the current member for Parliament for Akwaya, Hon Igelle Elias, never called me by phone or any member of The Ayah Family. But, surprisingly, he called my wife on January 19, 2017, the day unidentified men boldly came to arrest me at the supreme court premises, ostensibly to find out if gendarmes had released me from custody – two days before I was abducted, adding that, if ever I was released, my wife should let him know.

The Honorable man jumped with joy when he discovered that my wife was in Buea, and so I was in Yaoundé alone in the house. He now briefed the other conspirators that the moment was propitious. It is important to state here that some of the conspirators are government ministers, especially the minister of Justice, while others are very prominent personalities at the Presidency of the Republic: the list of names is with several persons of my choice for custody in absolute confidentiality for now, including their various roles played. At least one other highly ranked personality reached out to another member of my family to confirm that I was alone at home.

Whereas, my physical elimination was now a matter of time, my wife intuitively left for Yaoundé in the early hours of January 21, 2017. When the squad came for me, there was my wife, along with my son and two others. Garri pass water!

The plan – B was now the special preparation of the cell to get the job done. By divine intervention, however, I ended up with only a severe heart condition, visual impairment and general deterioration in health. The government next embarked upon keeping the public from any knowledge about my case/situation so they could carry out their design in silence. They have of late resorted to much more subtle and indirect ways.

My personal cardiologist for instance has insisted that, with my present condition, I should keep a phone handy so that I would alert her upon the first symptoms of a malaise. The military doctor shares the same opinion. But in the furtherance of their design on my life, the conspirators have consistently just laughed it over!

So much so that even in my critical condition in the hospital, orders come from the god in human form that no family member or visitor should be by my sick bed with a phone. As a consequence, if a drug needed urgently was not in the hospital pharmacy, my family could not be contacted urgently: so much the better, after all, if I died!

Again, at my age, (67), I am barred access to the toilet every day from 10 pm to 06 am. Frantic efforts at containment at times fails with the result that I soil my pyjamas often.

Can these very persons consistently killing me softly honestly and genuinely want to rush me to the hospital to save my life – the very life they toy with?

NO! My mind keeps telling me that the intent is that I should not ‘’die’’ in the cell. It is all false pretences; and false pretences I abhor.

Therefore did I for over two hours resist being ‘’rushed’’ to hospital in the absence of my personal cardiologist! Only the latter and my son eventually procured me to change my mind. After all, pain is of the flesh only – Die Na Die!

Go and tell them – Cameroon and the world – my life in the hands of the presidency, the government especially the Minister of Justice (Laurent Esso); Hon. Igelle Elias and company. But equally tell them that my God is mighty and never fails!

Victory ahead….

Published on 03.01.2023

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