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Ayah Paul blasts SW elites’ call to militarise region

The call by elites of the South West region for the Goverment to deploy more troops to maintain peace and order ahead of the new school year has not gone down well in several quarters.

The deployment of soldiers in the North West and South South Regions of Cameroon since the escalation of the Anglophone crisis over a year ago.

Instead there have been widespread reports of human rights violation both from soldiers and separatist fighters with calls for a ceasefire intensifying.

But the calls by South West elites for more troops to be deployed seems yto be going the opposite direction according to Ayah Paul Abine.

“As for the call for militarization, there is need to apprehend the worst. Buea is already about half empty: many have fled to “safe sanctuaries” “abroad”. Yet is Buea, and to some extent Limbe, the safest place in the region today! Is the intention of the ‘South West Elite Forum’ to secure the further depopulation of Buea,”Ayah Paul wrote on his Facebook Page.

“Again, a day hardly goes by these days without reports that some youth or the other has been killed here and/or there. Is it the wish of the forum that there should be more killings because the present rate of killing is not high enough?,” Ayah Paul questioned.

Last week, the Centre for Human Rights Defence for Africa accused the Cameroon military for burning down villages in the North West and South West regions and Ayah Paul doubts the additional deployment of security forces in the country could help solve the problem.

“More and more villages are being burnt down by the day. As per the reports of human rights bodies, the burning is perpetrated by the military. Is the call for more military presence intended to see more villages burnt?,” Ayah Paul asked.


Published on 10.02.2021

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