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Ayah Paul: Free at last!

Ayah Paul and son, Ayah Ayah, relaxing at home after his release from jail

After spending close to eight months in jail, Ayah Paul, former Advocate General at the Supreme Court has been released from jail.

Given yesterday’s Presidential decision to end all judicial proceedings against him and other Anglophones arrested in relation to on-going crisis in the North West and South West regions, the detained former advocate General was released this morning. .

According to his son, Ayah Ayah, Justice Ayah Paul first reaction to his release news was asking if all detainees have been freed. Hear him; “His first words were: “have all detainees been freed”? And as he heard a ‘NO’, he focused on a particular detainee, Mancho, asking if he was included in the words “some others” as written out in Yesterdays’ presidential decision. 

Reports say, Ayah Paul resisted leaving jail after finding out other anglophones are still held in jail. He was later forcefully accompanied home by security officers where he granted press briefing to some reporters.

Details of his press outing will be up soon on Journal du Cameroun. 


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