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Ayah Paul’s ordeal in prison as recounted by son

In what he describes as atrocious prison conditions, Ayah Ayah, Justice Ayah Paul’s son has revealed the the deplorable conditions under which the Supreme Court judge is being held

Ayah Ayah wrote down a record of his January 22 visit to his father at the Secretariat of State for Defence, SED in Yaounde. His visit carries a myriad of nightmares as he described the Supreme Court advocate general’s cell as an air-tight windowless cage. Hear him;

7:58: We arrived SED to serve dad breakfast

8:15: We are taken to Ayah’s cell

8:19: Ayah is brought out and rushed to drink his coffee while standing. (Before then, mum notices his face is swollen, he has grown very dark and eyes red; signs which spoke volumes) he does so in 4 minutes and he is told to return to the cell, although visiting hours are scheduled for an hour.

8:25: Ayah is locked up and family returns home.

11:49: Family arrives SED for lunch

12:16: Family taken to ayah’s cell

12:21: Ayah is brought out of his cell and compelled to take his lunch while standing. He is pressured to hasten up (although visits are scheduled for an hour). He rushes over lunch for about 11 minutes and we are told time is up.

12:33: Ayah is refused even a plastic seat I brought for him, he is therefore either sit on the floor or remain standing in his cell; who cares for the anglophone judge.

12:35: He is locked up in the cage.

“That’s how the highest ranked ‘anglophone’ judge of the land is treated on January 22, 2017, a man presumed innocent as per the constitution of the Republic of Cameroon, until the contrary is proven. These memories will never be forgotten, neither in this life nor in the life to come”. he wrote.

It should be recalled that the Supreme Court deputy advocate general was arrested and detained since January 21. He is accused of supporting the on-going protests in Anglophone regions. He has been equally been denied bail after two appearances at the Yaounde High Court.

Published on 28.04.2020

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