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Ayah paul’s wife request gov’t protection, say her family is under threat

Ayah Paul's wife receiving gifts from PAP representatives

Valentine Ayah Endalle, wife of detained Supreme Court Advocate General, Justice Paul Ayah Abine has called on the government to protect her family from anonymous threats.

While recounting the circumstances behind her husband’s arrest to french language daily, Le Jour on April 24, Ayah Endalle revealed that her family has been receiving threats from anonymous persons since Ayah’s arrest.

“It was January 21 around 5 pm when gendarmes came to the house. I was about serving him food and heard voices from the kitchen asking him to stand up and follow them. He asked them where they are taking him on a Saturday and they replied that they had been ordered to take him to the military court”.

Ayah’s wife said it was on their way that Ayah realised they were taking him to SED. “Since my husband was arrested, unknown persons have visited my home twice. My last son who lives here with me has been the subject of death threats since his dad was arrested. We have already filed complaints with the authorities. But I am calling on the government to protect us. We live in fear and total anxiety” she said.

Valentine Ayah Endalle says she does not understand why her husband remains detained at SED. “My husband has never being a secessionist. When the Anglophone crisis began, he suggested that the government put in place a good framework for dialogue. The other thing that discourages us is that since his arrest, the government has remained silent” she added.

Since his arrest and detention, many lawyers have made declarations stating that they are shocked and devastated by the barbaric manner in which the state is treating a super scale magistrate of the Supreme Court. Observers are looking up to the Supreme Court to see how Ayah’s colleagues would treat one of theirs when the case is finally entertained.

Some members of Ayah’s People Action Party, PAP, recently visited his family with food stuffs in order to show their solidarity and support towards Ayah’s family. Meanwhile, Ayah has been facing failing health in detention.




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