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Bamenda :Kidnapped Social Affairs Delegate killed by Ambazonia fighters?

File photo of an administrator, Animbom Aron who was kidnapped in Batibo and his vehicle burnt down.

That could be the case it word is to be believed from a recent outing by the Communication Secretary of the Ambazonia Interim Government Chris Anu.

In an open letter addressed to the Commander-in-Chief of the Ambazonia Defence Forces ADF, Chris Anu revealed Anibom Akiabom Aaron could has been killed by soldiers loyal to the ADF.

« Animbom Aaron Akiabom …was abducted in Batibo early in March, while returning from a funeral. Cho Ayaba claimed the credit and paraded him in a social media video on March 10 as prove that his group actually had him in custody, » Chris Anu said in a letter.

« I have now learned that he was since killed, » the Communications Secretary of the Ambazonian IG made the startling revelation.

He called on the various « liberation groups », the AGC, ARCC and the IG to hold Ayaba Cho to account for going after one of « their own ».

He called on his fellow Ambazonians to collectively floush Ayaba Cho out of « any form of leadership in the struggle. »

The Regional Delegate for Social Affairs for the North West Region, Animbom Aaron Akiabom was kidnapped in Batibo while returning from from a funeral.

Ambazonia Defence Fighters have since claimed responsibility and have paraded the official on the video where he is begging for the Government to negotiate for his release.


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