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Bamenda: When Cameroon soldiers become Hysacam workers

Defence and Security forces went down the streets of Bamenda, headquarters of the North West region to clean the city of the garbage that has been choking the population.

Elements of the Rapid Intervention Batallion, BIR, the Army Rescue Unit and went around some garbage-infested neighbourhoods in Bamenda for clean up before dumping the refuse at Mile 6, Mankon.

But how did they arrive at this?

The city of Bamenda has been facing a big challenge with garbage cleaning since the company in charge slowed down its activities and even suspended at one time following regular attacks on workers and equipment by suspected armed men.

Just last month, a truck belonging to the garbage cleaning company Hysacam was set ablaze at Mile 4, Nkwen while the injured workers were forced flee for their lives.

The insecurity in the town has thus plunged several neighbourhoods to choke with garbage threatening the health of locals.

It is in this light that the army took to the streets to clean up the garbage and give the various neighbourhoods a new facelift.

Brigadier General Agha Robinson said they are carrying out the clean up campaign to help the suffering masses who have been watching their city crumble under garbage in addition to the security challenges.

While most locals appreciate the gesture of the army, others hoped this could be the start of a friendly relationship with the local population who have always accused some members of the army of brutality.


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