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Basketball-World Cup 2023: Cameroon Breeds Qualification Chances 

With its victory last Friday over the Democratic Republic of Congo, the national team can still hope to participate in the basketball world cup.

A victory was necessary for indomitable lions. It was important for Cameroonians to gain confidence. But also, roar so to affirm their desire to qualify for the World Basketball Championship co-organized by Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines which will be played in 2023. To do so, it was necessary to overcome the leopards of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Early in the game, the Cameroonians were able to their align physical and technical performance. From the first quarter, they already dominated the score, 34-20. Throughout the game, the team coached by Alfred Aboya kept their volume of play high, with a solid defensive block using screens and rebounds in attack largely materialized. At the end of the match, Cameroon won by 71 to 69.
Despite this victory, Cameroon remains at the bottom of the Group F table with 9 points. His opponent of the day is in third place in the group with 11 points. All is not lost for the orange ball lions, however. In any case, it is in the opinion of Serge Tchakou, a sports analyst who spoke to our colleague from Africa 24,
“with this victory over the DRC, Cameroon’s chances are weak but they exist because, five qualifying places for this competition, Cameroon still secures the hope of finishing third and thus of snatching the place which will allow him to take part in the great world celebration of Basketball”. 
The next qualifying window for the World Cup in Africa will take place from February 24 to 26, 2023. A period fixed by the International Federation of Basketball Association (FIBA) but which has not yet revealed the host cities.

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