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Bees invade GHS Buea Town, 10 students hospitalised

Students attacked in school (file photo)

Bees have attacked students in Government Secondary School Buea. Reporters on the ground say the swarm of bees invaded the campus, stinging more than twenty students. Ten of them were rushed to a hospital in Buea town.

“Some students were cleaning the school as part of ‘manual labour’ when bees from a nearby hive started chasing them. Some of them ran helter skelter into classrooms for safety but rather ignited fear in others who were taking lessons. The principal of the school, Georgina Enanga Sanga decided every student should return home for security reasons;” Imma Mkong, Mediafrique reporter told Journal du Cameroun by phone.

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Enanga explained that citizens who heard students’ cries of despair, left their businesses and rushed to the school campus to find out what was going on. She said the pandemonium caused by the bees made it difficult for students to continue learning. “That is why I sent them home” she said.

Sympathisers of the ongoing protests in Anglphone regions have been propagating the idea that the bees were mysteriously sent to enforce a boycott of classes called by protesters. Schools and courts have been shut down in the North West and South West regions since late last year.

Some graphic designers who bought the school of thought immediately swung into the buzz.

Graphic designers equally suggested bees were mysteriously sent by proponents of a wishful Ambazonia Republic (All rights reserved)

The Anglophone Cameroon Civil Society Consortium currently coordinating the protest against a perceived marginalisation of the minority English-speaking Cameroonians maintains schools and courts should remain shut as part of a civil disobedience protests that could force government to consider a return to a federal system of government.

But the school principal, Georgina Enanga insists the incident was “something very natural”.

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