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Benin’s magistrates on five-day strike

The National Union of Benin Magistrates (UNAMAB) is observing from Monday a sit-down strike of five days renewable by tacit consent.According to the strike motion finally released last week, magistrates are demanding the government “the retrocession of all funds illegally, improperly and arbitrarily deducted on the salaries of February 2018.”

According to the magistrates, the wages of some of them have been punctuated by at least 70 percent, a move which, in their eyes, “violates the article 25, paragraph 1 of the law n° 2001-09 of June 21, 2002 on the exercise of the right to strike in the Republic of Benin.”

UNAMAB last January warned the government of a resumption of strike in case of deduction on the salaries of its activists, said the motion.

This new walkout in the justice sector is boosting disruption of activities in Benin courts and tribunals.

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