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B/Faso: Beleaguered former ruling CDP in rejuvenation bid

The beleaguered former ruling Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) in Burkina Faso, has begun its bid for a rebirth with a view to becoming “an important republican opposition force” says party official Leonce Kone.Mr Kone, who is also the chairman of the ad hoc committee responsible for reorganizing and revitalizing the CDP, was speaking during its first plenary meeting in Ouagadougou on Saturday.

“The objective of the meeting is to bring together the provincial coordinators who are in charge, along with other CDP comrades in Ouagadougou to spearhead the relaunch of the party and the renewal of its territorial branches” he said.

According to him, the first plenary meeting is meant to reach agreements on the way forward for the party as it looks to unleash its weigh on the country’s body politic.

Kone explained that the meeting was held in a bid for renewal, cohesion and the revival of the CDP on the national political scene.

“Our party can only recover in a lasting way and face future challenges with confidence only if it stands firm on its foundations, which are constituted by the bodies at the provincial and communal levels as well as in villages and boroughs” he added.

The Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) had hit a rough path in the wake of Blaise Compaore’s ouster, following the popular uprising of October 2014.

During the transition period in 2015, the former ruling party was dissolved, before being re-admitted.

In accordance with the electoral code changed during the transition, several CPD officials were excluded from the 2015 presidential and legislative polls.

Other leaders of the party either fled the country or were jailed.

In the wake of the 2015 parliamentary elections and the municipal elections a year later, the CDP emerged as the third largest political grouping in Burkina Faso after the People’s Movement for Progress (MPP) and the Union for Progress and Change (UPC).

Published on 28.04.2020

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