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B/Faso expects 5.2m tons of cereals for 2017/18 agricultural season

Burkina Faso expects a production of 5.2 million tons of cereals for the 2017-2018 wet season, APA learned Tuesday from the ministry of Agriculture.In addition to this forecast, 1.5 million tons of cash crops and 1.8 million tons of vegetable crops are expected.

Launched under the theme “Development of agro-poles and the use of information and communication technologies: opportunities for intensification and diversification of agricultural production”, this new campaign will witness the development of 11,740 ha of new lowlands and irrigated perimeters, 85 ha for vegetables gardening while another 20 ha of irrigable land will be made available to producers.

The government and its partners have made available to producers in 13 regions, 26,000 tons of fertilizers, 7,000 tons of improved seeds, 1.5 million cuttings, about 12,000 plows, 1660 carts and 4,820 working animals.

So as to anticipate food crises, the ministry decided to build 105 stockpile warehouses and build a stock of 32,430 tons of cereals.

“All these actions are in line with the government’s vision to achieve food self-sufficiency,” the Burkinabe minister of Agriculture and Water Development, Jacob Ouedraogo.

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