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Bilingualism commission has no powers to check nepotism-Ben Muna

Barrister Ben Muna © Journal du Cameroun

Barrister Ben Muna has said even though Cameroon’s bilingualism and multiculturalism Commission was inspired by the Canadian example, it has no powers to check nepotism and appointments that are made based on corruption.

Going by The Post newspaper, the legal magnate had made the statement to officials of an International crisis group in his office in Yaounde on May 19.

Muna according to the paper, said President Biya had created the commission as way of stemming the tides of anglophone marginalisation.

Speaking on the crisis which has rocked the country for several months, Muna reportedly said Anglophones in Cameroon should be commended for not choosing the path of war in the face of several years of marginalisation by the francophone-dominated government.

To him, mature anglophones in the 60’s deliberately avoided any form of violence as a solution to their problem because they lived the bitter ordeal during the UPC crisis.  Muna purportedly said the current crisis remains a potential danger because the young Anglophones who have never experienced any war may lose patience and become aggressive.

According to him, only genuine and inclusive dialogue can avoid such a situation. “I explained to them that the genesis of the Anglophone crisis is the lack of good governance coupled with the embezzlement of public funds. Going by him, most positions in Cameroon are bought or based on tribalism.

The Barrister also revealed that the government is planning on presenting a forged report on the ongoing Anglophone crisis during the UN Human Rights Council Meeting in Geneva, coming up on June 7. The report, the Barrister went on, is full of untruths and a misrepresentation of what took place in the Northwest and Southwest Regions. He revealed that the report pins many anglophone demonstrators for violence and destruction of state property.



Published on 28.04.2020

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