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Bio-safety experts strategise to protect Africa’s bio diversity

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Experts in bio safety are seeking ways towards protecting Africa’s biodiversity and ensuring its bio safety capacity development.

The experts drawn from across Africa are meeting in Yaounde under a partner and coordinator forum on bio-safety systems and biotechnology.

Speaking at the start of the two day meeting on May 3, Akwa Patrick Kum Bong, Secretary General at the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, said it was a privilege for Cameroon to host the high level meeting. He insisted on the need to adopt agricultural bio-technology so as to reduce the effects of climate change and increase agricultural production in the sub-region. Akwa Patrick disclosed that Cameroon is a bit limited in the management of genetically modified organisms and living modified organisms. He, however noted that some commendable research works are being carried out at the National Veterinary Laboratory as well as the biotechnology centres of the University of Buea and the University of Yaounde I.

The Yaounde meeting which grouped participants from 30 countries and international organisations from Africa, Europe and America, is organised by the New Partnership for African Development NEPAD, whose objective is to encourage sustainable growth and alleviate poverty.

During the brainstorming workshop, the environmental experts agreed that the mastery of bio-technology and bio-safety is essential for the modernisation of agriculture and food security in Africa.

They are equally expected to agree on agricultural bio- technology methods to boost production, fight poverty and food insecurity, come up with a module that will help improve agricultural productions and encourage African farmers to cultivate more.

Published on 28.04.2020

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