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Bissau: Pereira favourite for PM role

President José Mario Vaz plans to appoint Domingos Simões Pereira as the new Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, the President of the Council of Women Facilitators of the National Dialogue disclosed on Thursday.Francisca Vaz, said at the end of an audience with the head of state that the latter gave her assurances in that regard, but no date has been set for the Pereira’s appointment as premier.

The latter is the president of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC), which won the March 10, 2019 legislative elections.

Francisca Vaz said she took advantage of her talks with President Vaz to express her concern over the delay in appointing the Prime Minister.

“To date, we have no government. We came specifically to ask the President again to make a decision. As the first magistrate in this country, he must appoint a Prime Minister as soon as possible,” the head of the Council of Women Facilitators added.

Young people from PAIGC, the Democratic Party of Guinea-Bissau (APU-PDGB), the Union for Change (UM) and the New Democracy Party (PND), on Wednesday staged a demonstration in Bissau to demand the immediate appointment of a Prime Minister, who should come from within the ranks of the last parliamentary election winner.

Flaying the “irresponsible attitude of the President of the Republic,” the supporters and sympathizers of these four political parties warned that if President Vaz breaches his constitutional obligations, they will continue to take to the streets.

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