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Biya appoints new Batibo DO, sacks runaway administrators in Anglophone regions

The Head of State Paul Biya on Wednesday evening appointed new administrators in the troubled North West and South West Regions as well as other parts of the country.

Notable in the decree signed by Paul Biya is the appointment of Kwandze Ernest Kari as the new Divisional Officer of Batibo to replace Marcel Namata Diteng who has not been seen since February 11, 2018 when he was kidnapped and taken to an unidentified gun men.

Paul Biya also hit hard with his decree by sacking absentee Divisional Officers who abandoned their duty stations amidst growing violence in the Anglophone regions.

Thus Hambi Isaac Ekpaneta who was appointed three months ago as Divisional Officer of Alou sub division in Lebialem was sacked and replaced by Ambang Fabian Kah who was previously serving as Assistant Divisional Officer in Ndop.

Vincent Nafongo Lokombe who also deserted his position as Divisional Officer for the Upper Banyang sub division was sacked and replaced by Elive Motombi Solly Junior.

New Divisional Officers were also appointed in Ako, Misaje, Donga Mantung Division, Kumbo in Bui Division, Njinikom in Boyo Division, all in the North West Region.

In the South West Region, Paul Biya also appointed new Divisional Officers in Dikome Balue, Ndian Division.


Published on 28.04.2020

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