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Biya, eight others in race to Unity Palace

Nine candidates have been retained to run the race for country’s top job as revealed today by Cameroon’s Elections body, ELECAM.

According to Journal du Cameroun.com reporter on the field, business at the head office of Elections Cameroon, was fueled as candidates and militants scrambled to listen if their file was retained.

In a press release made public today, ELECAM says after examining twenty eight files, nine candidates were retained.

They are;Biya Paul (CPDM), Garga Haman Adji (ADD), Kamto Maurice (CRM), Libi’i Li Ngue Cabril (Univers), Matomba Serge Espoir (UPSR), Muna Akere (PFD), Ndam Njoya (CDU), Njifor Afanwi Francklin (MCNC) and Osih Joshua(SDF).

This is in conformity with provisions of section 126 of Cameroon’s electoral code which specifies that, within no lees than sixty days to the date of the poll, the Electoral board shall publish the list of candidates

According to the law, candidates whose files were rejected, have the right to petition the Constitutional Council if they feel the rejection of their files was unjust.

After a cursory look at the nine retained candidates, observers maintain that the October 7 Presidential poll will generate little excitement among Cameroonians, given that it is still the traditional candidates that virtually have little to offer in terms of the socio-economic and political change that citizens are yearning for. A majority of the parties and their candidates are seen only during elections.

No woman was retained by the Elections body. While many other political parties resolved to support the candidate of the CPDM, President Paul Biya.

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