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Biya’s swearing in: What the law says

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President Paul Biya was on October 22, declared winner of the Cameroon’s October 7, 2018 Presidential election.

According to Cameroon’s electoral code, the President elect is expected to take the oath of office not more than 15 days after the proclamation of results results by the Constitutional Council.

Specifically, section 140 of the Electoral Code, states that the elected President of the Republic takes office as soon as he takes his oath.

Biya going the law will take the oath in front of the National Assemble during a solemn session attended by Members of Parliament, Senators, members of the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Court.

The oath taking proper  

Cameroon’s law gives the Speaker of the National Assembly the right to administer the oath following a short address which he shall conclude in the following established form: “Mr. President of the Republic, do you pledge on your honor to fulfill faithfully the functions which the people have entrusted to you. And, do you solemnly swear before God and men to dedicate all your forces to defend … the integrity and independence of the Cameroon fatherland? “.

After this, President elect, Paul Biya, while standing, with his right hand raised, facing the members of Parliament, shall pledge himself by answering  “I so do swear”.

Authenticating the oath

Section 141 of the Electoral Code stresses that the oath of office is drawn up five authentic originals. All signed by the Speaker of the National Assembly and co-signed by the presidents of the Senate, the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Court.

One of the originals remains at the General Secretariat of the National Assembly. Then, three others kept at the archives in the Senate, the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Court. Finally, a copy is given to the President of the Republic.

After the oath taking, the President of the Republic will address the nation. He will subsequently review the troops before he is convened to the State House (Unity Palace) by a motorcade reserved only for the Head of State.


Published on 05.05.2023

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