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Bloody clashes in Njinikom leaves at least three deaths

At least three persons were killed over the weekend in Njinikom, Boyo Division of the North West Region following clashes between security forces and separatists who launched a bloody attack on Saturday.

According to official sources in Njinikom, the attack was carried out by unknown gunmen on Saturday at about 9.30pm with the Total filling station and the Njinikom gendarmerie brigade being the main target.

Except for the gendarmerie brigade, the gunmen brought down the filling station as well as local businesses and garages around the area.

This provoked a shootout between the separatist and security forces leaving residents caught in the cross fire.

At least three persons are said to have been killed in the course of of the shootings, one of them a shopkeeper  who was still open.

The other two shot be gendarmes were separatists with one of the corpses taken away to a bush in the nearby village in Muloin where it was burnt to avoid being identified.

There incidents on Saturday night brought the village to a stand still with a timid movement of vehicle and persons with some villagers fleeing the area.

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