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Boko Haram hits Far North Cameroon again, kill six

Boko Haram fighters (file photo)

Boko Haram sect over the weekend hit Cameroon’s Far North Region again.

At least six people were killed in a double attack by Boko Haram in the localities of Bourvare and Goumouldi, in north of Cameroon, APA said on Monday.

Apart from the two kamikazes killed following the explosion, four people were killed in these attacks, while half a dozen were wounded. This is a rather deadly week as about fifteen people were killed. Before this weekend’s attacks, first five people were killed in Achigacha and three people murdered in the locality of Kordo, still in the Far North region of the country.

Correlating sources indicate that this is the first time since the beginning of this year that terrorists have managed to kill more than fifteen people within a week.

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