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Botswana adopts new farming methods to mitigate climate change

Botswana on Wednesday said it intends to adopt Climate-smart agriculture as a new method to help the southern African nation attain food security and mitigate climate change effects, APA learned here Wednesday.The project dubbed “Climate Smart Agriculture” is sponsored by Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security as well as United Nations Agents-United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Global Environment Facility (GEF), Small Grants Program (SGP). 

Through this project, Botswana will hold workshops across the country in an effort to convince famers to adopt climate smart agriculture.

Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security spokesperson Rebecca Fatima Keeme said there is to adopt the new method of farming to mitigate the effects of Agriculture.  

She said farmers would gradually abandon the conventional agricultural systems as they have to learn the new method first. 

This they would do through starting small, by partitioning off small experimental plots.  

The Climate Smart Agriculture method is applied through conservation tillage or minimum tillage or reduced tillage.

Botswana intends to convince farmers to consider changing their farming method was eased by the fact that they were quite awake to the impacts of climate change in their districts.

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