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Botswana assesses impact of COVID-19 measures

Botswana on Friday launched a survey to assess public perception of its interventions to contain the spread of coronavirus as the country aims to recalibrate its response to the pandemic.Presidential Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Kereng Masupu said the COVID-19 Public Perception Study of Disease, Response and Socioeconomic Impacts would enable the government to establish what Batswana know about the coronavirus and how to feel about the measures put in place to contain its spread in the country.

“This will help us identify topics that require more attention,” Masupu said.

Botswana has put in place a number of measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, including stringent stay-at-home regulations and closures of businesses and schools between April and May.

The measures have been successful in keeping the number of coronavirus cases low.  The country had recorded 89 cases of the virus as of Friday.  

Masupu said it had become necessary to establish the extent of knowledge about the virus and public perception about measures taken so far following the recent decision by the government to lift some of the restrictions that had been put in place over the past two months.

Limited economic activity is now allowed, with a number of businesses opening and public transport allowed to operate. 

Published on 28.04.2020

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