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Botswana commemorates life of Cuba’s Fidel Castro

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The Botswana National Museum gallery is currently decorated with previously rarely seen photographs of former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro for public viewing, APA learnt here Monday.The Cuban Embassy in Botswana, in collaboration with the Department of National Museum and Monuments, is hosting a month-long photo exhibition themed “Fidel Castro at 90”, which started April 20 and will end May 20.

The objective of the exhibition is to celebrate the Cuban Revolution of 1959 which made Castro a national hero in Cuba.

The exhibition covers the various stages of the life of Castro through photographs taken by journalists at Prensa Latina News Agency.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, the Ambassador of Cuba, Patricia Pego Guerra said the intention of the photographs was to give a world vision of what was really happening in Cuba after the revolution.

On the global level, Guerra said Castro promoted the Third World’s battle against the reigning economic order, in particular against crippling foreign debt, wasting of resources on military spending and neoliberal globalisation.

Botswana government spokesperson Jeff Ramsay said Castro was a true revolutionary hero whose six decades of leadership in the struggle for global justice helped to uplift the lives of people not just in his own homeland, but in all corners of the world, including Botswana.

Published on 28.04.2020

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