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Botswana fires salvo at Venezuela’s Maduro

The Botswana government on Thursday expressed “great concern” at the deteriorating economic management in Venezuela which is directly attributed to its current leader, Nicolas Maduro.In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Botswana also noted with concern the declining democratic dispensation and poor governance.

“The recent decision taken by President Maduro to create a new Constituent Assembly, to the exclusion of the opposition dominated Parliament, is a clear demonstration of his deliberate effort to undermine democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela, and entrenching himself in power,” the statement reads in part.

It added: “Botswana wishes to applaud those countries, which have expressed their condemnation of the authoritarian tendencies of the current regime in Venezuela.” 

The statement says such untoward behaviour, which depicts leadership driven by self-interest, undermines peoples’ aspirations for a prosperous life and thus, deserves strong condemnation by any peace-loving and progressive nations.

“We are therefore hopeful that President Maduro will succumb to the will of the people and instil a culture of democracy and good governance,” reads the statement.

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