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Botswana: Khama accuses private media of defamation

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President Ian Khama on Tuesday came out with guns blazing accusing Botswana’s private press of having made it a hobby to vilify him through publishing of unsubstantiated stories.In a statement, the Office of the President said this is evident where the private media claims that he is a principal part of the procurement process of the Botswana Defence Force and related organisations.

“This office wishes to state for the record that this country has a very clear track record of good governance, transparency and respect for rule of law. Procurement processes are therefore governed by inter alia, the Public Procurement Assets Disposal Board (PPADB) Act, which was promulgated by Parliament,” read the statement.

It added: “This Office and His Excellency have never, at any point breached these regulatory procedures.”

It said if there are purchases or favours that were given to the President as is claimed, “we would then go to our banks and other relevant bodies pertaining to importation to prove that indeed these are private items for an individual, which were fully paid for.”

Recently local media was awash with reports that Khama could be linked to the purchase of army equipment, including some aircraft from Sweden through a family company called Seleka Springs.

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