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Botswana lawmaker arrested for sharing “graphic video”

A ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Member of Parliament Ignatius Moswaane was detained by the police in Francistown on Wednesday over allegations that he shared a graphic video.Reports reaching APA say the lawmaker was picked up for questioning after he recently shared the video on a WhatsApp platform run by BDP.

The arrest comes in the wake of a statement issued by the BDP recently in which the party condemned what it described as a “grossly” act by one of its MPs who shared an insensitive video with colleagues on the party’s official WhatsApp group for its candidates for the forthcoming general elections.

Moswaane confirmed that he had been arrested “for the video picture which I shared through WhatsApp group showing how our people are killed.”

The video in question was a few days ago trending in South Africa media and social platforms after the gruesome murder of a young Motswana.

Sharing of graphic material via social media is in contravention of the Penal Code, Cybercrime and Computer Related Crimes and other laws of Botswana.

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