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Botswana MPs call for lifting of ban on elephant hunting

Botswana’s parliament has adopted a motion requesting the government to consider lifting the ban on the hunting of elephants in areas that are not designated as game reserves and national parks, APA learnt on Friday.Botswana banned trophy hunting in 2014 following a decline in the number of wild animals.

Tabling his motion Member of Parliament Kostantinos Markus argued that the hunting ban had not only contributed to the increase in the number of elephants but also contributed to a rise in poaching.

Botswana has the largest number of elephants in Africa, which currently stands at more than 250,000.

When debating the motion, Vice President Slumber Tsogwane said human-wildlife conflicts have over the years been on an increase, primarily due to an overlap between human population and wildlife.

According to Tsogwane, such conflicts occurred when either the need or behaviour of wildlife impacts negatively on human livelihoods or when the humans pursue goals that impact negatively on the needs of wildlife.

He said the increase in human population had also resulted in the encroachment into more marginal lands inhabited by wildlife.

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