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Botswana says ILO cannot solve problems

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Botswana on Wednesday said that while it respects the recommendations made to it by International Labour Organisation (ILO), it is better placed to solve its own problems.Responding to recent media reports that Botswana showed “ILO the middle finger,” recently, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour Pearl Ramoroka said “It is a fact that ILO cannot provide solutions for problems confronting us.”

She added that “Batswana are better placed to solve their own problems. In so doing we can only benefit from the advice of the ILO.”

According to Ramokoka the ILO’s role is advisory and therefore in this context after engagement with a member state, ILO can only make recommendations to a Government and the social partners in a given country.

“It is along these lines that ILO made recommendations for consideration by Botswana Government at the 106th Session of the International Labour Conference. It has never been the intention of the Honourable Minister (Tshenolo Mabeo) to dismiss the ILO.”


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