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Botswana to have live broadcast of Parliament proceedings

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Botswana’s long-awaited live broadcasting of parliamentary proceedings is likely to be piloted during the course of the winter meeting of Parliament scheduled for 4 July to 11 August, an official said on Tuesday.Speaker of National Assembly, Gladys Kokorwe told journalists that the pilot project would commence during the current sitting but could not be drawn to give a specific date.

She said the live broadcast would require adequate planning that include putting in place a regulatory framework and ensuring the availability of adequate resources.

“As you would recall, Parliament passed a motion on broadcasting live parliamentary proceedings during the 10th Parliament,” she said.

She said Parliament had been allocated P3.7 million (about US$300,000) for scoping and piloting of the project, although there were some delays emanating from consultations with other key stakeholders.

Clerk of National Assembly, Barbara Dithapo said it was necessary for Parliament to start the scoping and piloting of the project in order to be ready for the roll out of the initiative.

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