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Breast cancer survivor advises women on regular screening

Judith Enoh, a breast cancer survivor, has advised Cameroonian women to always go for regular breast cancer screening for early detection and proper treatment.

Enoh gave the advice on May 20 over a chat with Journal du Cameroun. Enoh who lost her left breast to cancer in 2011 explained how her ordeal started.

“I went to change my dress after work; I pulled my away my breast wear and felt my breast itching and tried to scratch the area, that was when I discovered that the area was strong; that is how it all started,’’ she explained.

Going by her, she visited the hospital that same year to find out if the growth was cancerous and when the results came out, they diagnosed that it was bad and had to be removed.

“The breast was removed thanks to assistance from family and friends but that was a horrible phase for me”

“My advice to ladies is that they should not sit down till when the breast is paining before they know that there is a problem; that was the mentality I had before now.

“In fact, before the pain starts, it would have already been in the advanced stage; women  should always examine themselves and go for screening.

“If only I had gone for screening early, things would have been different. Early detection of cancer makes treatment simple and less expensive”

She pleaded with the government to help victims of cancer, saying that many are still ignorant of the disease.



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