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British Aggreko to set up thermal plant in Cameroon’s Far North

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British company, Aggreko will install a thermal power plant in Maroua, Far North region in the coming months .With a capacity of 10 MW, the power plant is expected to curb the enormous energy deficit in the three northern regions of Cameroon. Virtually all localities  in the three regions are deprived of electricity two to three times a week between 6 am and 10 pm.

ENEO which is controlled by the British Actis, has signed a contract with Aggreko, an independent energy producer, for the installation of the 10 MW thermal power plant in July this year.

The Lagdo hydro electrical power dam which is the only major energy infrastructure covering the three northern regions, generates only about 30 MW of electricity, though it has a 72 MW capacity. Experts attribute this decline to the silting of the dam reservoir, which is no longer able to contain enough water. Unfavorable climatic conditions marked by limited rainfall are also a shortcoming.

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