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Burkinabe civil society gets 1.2b CFA from EU to strengthen watchdog bodies

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The European Union has decided to strengthen its support to Burkina Faso civil society and civilian watchdog bodies with a contribution of 1.2 billion CFA for Presimètre – a contraction of President and meter (a unit measurement), APA learned Tuesday in Ouagadougou.Seen as a key player in the recent political changes in Burkina Faso, the civil society has shown its progressive nature, with initiatives for civilians.

The need to capitalize on the observed good practices, consolidate the rule of law and maintain the pace of the civilian watchdog bodies to perpetuate the changes acquired, have led to the establishment of the “Présimètre.”

The European Union’s contribution to the “Presimeter” symbolizes “the recognition and valorization of the major role of civil society organizations in consolidating democratic governance in Burkina Faso”, according to its officials.

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