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Burundi hands over a group of dozen militias of rebel group to Rwanda

A group of 11 anti-Rwanda fighters of Force Nationale de Libération (FLN) were deported on Tuesday and handed over by Burundian officials to Rwandan authorities, a security source said.The group was founded by terror convict and controversial hero of Hotel Rwanda movie, Paul Rusesabagina, and Wilson Irategeka, the commandant of the Rwandan remnant hutu rebel group of the Democratic Forces of the Liberation of Rwanda operating from Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The handover took place at Nemba border post in Bugesera District located in the Eastern province of Rwanda.

Before parading the militiamen, the handover was preceded by talks between military intelligence chiefs of both nations.

These were Brigadier General Vincent Nyakarundi from the Rwandan side and Colonel Ernest Musaba from Burundi.

United Nations and African Union delegates were also in presence.

The militias were captured by Burundian Armed Forces.

All the officials in attendance hailed the initiative and described it as a mutual will to restore the bilateral ties.

In August last year, the military intelligence chiefs of Rwanda and Burundi o met at the two countries’ border to discuss their disputes and defuse tensions. 

Participants at the meeting discussed the causes of the cross-border incidents, as well as how to resolve the conflict and normalize relations between the two countries.

The head of Rwandan delegation Brigadier General Vincent Nyakarundi, the head of Defense Intelligence at the Rwanda Defense Force, said sharing intelligence was critical in addressing cross-border security.

Colonel Everest Musaba, Burundi’s chief of military intelligence and leader of the Burundian delegation, underlined that there was a need for frank discussions to bring out the truth on the causes of the tensions.

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