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Cable distributors warned against broadcasting SCBC channel

file- Issa Tchiroma, Communicaton Minister

Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Cameroon’s Communication minister has warned cable distributors that their companies will be closed should they keep broadcasting what he calls the hateful doctrine of the television channel dubbed Southern Cameroon Broadcasting Cooperation, SCBC.

Speaking during a press conference in Yaounde recently, Tchiroma described the programs of the channel as seditious and hateful and said cable distributors who keep broadcasting the signals, will see their companies closed and their equipment forfeited.

He accused the channel of broadcasting the propaganda of the Southern Cameroon National Council, SCNC, a secessionist groups which meeting and activities have been prohibited in Cameroon.

To Tchiroma, government has given appropriate responses to grievances of English speaking teachers including the recruitment and deployment of such teachers into English schools. He also announced special measures in the North West and South West regions intended to ensure school resumption in the two regions while making up for the boycott. He called on parents not to be fooled by advocates of school boycotts describing them as conspirators.

“There is no future without education. This must be brought to the knowledge of all. Those who are engineering this situation. Where are their kids? All of them are abroad receiving the best education and training. They are conspiring against those who do not have the means to send their kids abroad. This is crime against humanity” he said.


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