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Cameroon: 10 stores sealed in Ebolowa over non respect of anti-COVID-19 measures

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Close to ten stores have been reportedly sealed at the Ebolowa Central Market, in the South region of Cameroon for the non-respect of Government’s Coronavirus response measure instructing traders to close at 6pm.

According to reports, the stores were sealed by the Divisional Officer for the Ebolowa I Subdivision during an unexpected tour in that Municipality.

Speaking after the sealing process, he explained that that all those who will deliberately go against Government’s thirteen Coronavirus measures in his Municipality will be sanctioned.

He went further by calling on citizens to denounce defaulters for them to be brought to order.

Close to two weeks after the Government announced some thirteen measures to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country, many still seem to take some of them for granted.

Two days ago, the Government after an evaluation meeting on the implementation of these anti-Coronavirus measures announced henceforth all those who will fail to observe these measures will be sanctioned.

Published on 28.04.2020

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