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Cameroon :12 members of Elecam’s Electoral Council Restored by Presidential Decree

paul biya
President Paul Biya

A decree by the President of the Republic Paul Biya appoints two new members to the Council, while another decree renews the mandate of 12 members who have been inactive for at least a year.

 Decree N°2022/298 appoints two members of the Electoral Council of Elections Cameroon . They are Clémence Claire Epoh née Ngo Hagbe Bell and Nga Gaspar Thairinyuy. They replace respectively Delphine Tsanga Tsogo who died in July 2020 and Mbu Peter who died on the night of June 16, 2022 following a traffic accident on the Abong-Bang-Bertoua axis.
Decree N°2022/297 renews the mandate of the chairman, vice-chairman and some members of the Electoral Council of Elections Cameroon for a period of four years. These are: Chairman Enow Abrams Egbe; Vice-Chairman Amugu née Abena Ekobena Appoline Marie. 10 members of the Council were also reappointed for a period of four years.They are Cécile Bomba Nkolo; Njeuma née Dorothy Limunga Effange; Sadou Daoudou née Lady Bawa; Adamou Ali; Dieudonné Belel Amougou; Pierre Roger Efandene Bekono; Thomas Ejake Mbonda; Haman Dahirou; Jules Mana Nschwangele and Elie Mbonda.

Having expired months ago for some and for more than a year for others including the chairman, the mandate of these members, which has been running since 25 March 2017, has just been renewed. Until now, only four members still had a legitimate mandate. Thus, for the next four years, these 14 members will be part of the 18 who will serve in the Electoral Council, one of the two organs of Elections Cameroon.

Elecam is the institution in charge of the management and supervision of the entire electoral and referendum process in Cameroon. In view of the country’s electoral calendar, these personalities together with the General Directorate of Elections will ensure the supervision of electoral operations during the 2023 senatorial, presidential, legislative, municipal and regional elections of 2025.

Published on 03.01.2023

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