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Cameroon: 18 banned from writing any public examination for 4 years

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18 Cameroonians have received a 4-year ban from any public examination organized by the Ministry of Public service and administrative reforms.

The information is contained a press release signed last Friday June 5 by the Minister of public service and administrative reforms, Joseph Le.

The individuals involved iare; Abougne Luc Kevin, Bao, Dongma Didier, Elomo Mbarga Ingrid, Enam Ndongo Davy, Essomba Victor Rolland, Essouma Etoundi Jean, Etoundi Anzangue Paulin, Foko Nanfa Adrien, Goumtsop Meyouto Borice, Makam Sigha Christelle, Mboutchouang Tchomte Leni, Mfoundom Njoya Moussa, Ngouma Martial Noah Emmanuel Brice, Ouafeu Tonkam Guy Paulin, Tsafon  Dogmo Diane, Tchatchouang Nguinang Desiré Maturin.

The ban follows examination fraud carried out by them during level one professional Masters Entrance examination into the Institute of Demographic Training and Research dubbed IFORD last April.

After questionings by some officials of the Department in charge of Disciplinary and Administrative affairs in the Ministry of Public service and Administrative reforms, they were prosecuted and found guilty of fraud.

Most of them are guilty of having impersonated real candidates. In this case, both the defaulters and the candidates involved have been punished.





Published on 28.04.2020

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