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Cameroon: 18 detained pro Kamto supporters apply for bail

Detained Kamto supporters arriving court on Friday

Some detained supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement were in court on Tuesday February 26 to defend their application for a temporary bail.

18 of them in total appeared before a judge at the Court of First Instance in Yaounde for a Habeas Corpus on grounds of their failing health conditions.

After over an hour of hearing, the judge finally adjourned the matter to March 19 where he will issue a ruling either to free the bail applicants or maintain them at the Kondengui prison.

Before the hearing, the family of Nadjo Marcel, another detained CRM supporters equally filed an application fo bail on grounds of his failing health as they complain of acute diabetes and could not get proper treatment at his Kondengui cell.


Published on 28.04.2020

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